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About Us

<meta name="google-site-verification" content="YvpbwX3bcFPE5_vaX5D6AO3mGlQDZU72sBfry9ZYxMk" />                  Located in the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood for over ten years, le pétit dejeuner serves Belgian-style comfort food for the whole family. From Eggs Benny to Steak Frites, we have your breakfast, lunch and dinner favourites. 

Fathers Day Week-end:

Unfortunately our hot water tank broke, flooded the basement, and needs to be replaced. This happened Friday afternoon at 4 p.m. and due to the the tank's unique specifications we can't order one until Monday. We hope to re-open on Wendesday July 24. My deepest apologies to our faithful customers, visiting tourists and beloved dads. 


  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Breakfast   8.00 am to 3 pm 8.00 am to 4 pm 8.00 am to 6 pm 8.00 am to 6 pm 8.00 am to 6 pm  
Brunch 9am-3pm           9am-3pm
Lunch   11.30 am to 3 pm 11.30 am to 4 pm 11.30 am to 6 pm 11.30 am to 6 pm 11.30 am to 6 pm  


closed closed 6- 9:30 pm 6-9.30pm 6-9:30 pm 6-9:30pm

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